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Texas Senate Redistricting Committee Regional Hearing

March 11 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Thursday, March 11, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. CST

Public testimony will be taken via videoconference. No in-person testimony will be taken.


The purpose of the regional hearing is to solicit public input on the 2021

legislative redistricting process. This hearing provides the public an

opportunity to share details about their local communities and information

that they believe is relevant to the upcoming redistricting process.

Regional Focus:

The regional hearing held on March 11, 2021 will focus on the Austin region, but the committee will hear testimony about any region of the State.

Invited Testimony:

Dr. Lloyd Potter, Director of the Texas Demographic Center, will provide

invited testimony about population projections for the State, with a focus on the Austin region.

Public Testimony:

To provide public testimony, a witness must register in advance of the

regional hearing. Registration for the regional hearing is now open and

will close 24 hours prior to the start time of the hearing (9 a.m. on

March 10, 2021). Once witness registration has closed, witnesses will

no longer be able to register to testify at this regional hearing.

However, witnesses may register to testify at any future regional hearing.


No in-person testimony will be taken at the regional hearing. All

testimony will be taken by two-way videoconference. To provide testimony

by videoconference, witnesses need access to a computer or other device

with an internet connection and video/audio capability (e.g., smartphone,

tablet, etc.). If you do not have access to such a device at home, work,

or school, please visit your local public library. Please note that

witnesses must have both audio and video capabilities in order to provide

testimony by videoconference.

Witness Registration Instructions:

While witness registration is open, complete the witness registration form

available here: https://bit.ly/2OdIgE0. Witnesses must complete all fields

including the witness affirmation to complete registration. After

completing a registration form, each witness will receive a registration

confirmation email that includes a link to join the videoconference and

other instructions. Please note that only registered witnesses will be

allowed to testify before the committee at the hearing. If you wish to

watch the regional hearing without providing testimony, you may do so at



Joining the Videoconference:

1. Up to 30 minutes prior to the hearing, sign in to the Zoom meeting by

clicking the link in your confirmation email. When prompted, enter the

passcode provided in your confirmation email. (Note: if you need

assistance, visit https://zoom.us/join or call Zoom customer service at 1-


2. Once you have entered the passcode, you will be placed in the waiting

room. You will remain in the waiting room until it is your turn to

testify. While you wait to be recognized, please watch the hearing

livestream at https://senate.texas.gov/events.php.

Testifying via Videoconference:

1. The Chair will call registered witnesses in small groups during the

public testimony portion of the regional hearing. When your name is

called, committee staff will admit you from the Zoom waiting room. Once

you are admitted, make sure your camera is enabled, and mute or turn off

the hearing livestream. After you are admitted from the waiting room, you

will be able to continue watching the regional hearing on Zoom as you wait

to be called to provide testimony.

2. When it is your turn to testify, the Chair will ask you to state your

name and who you represent for the record. Make sure to unmute your

microphone before speaking. When providing testimony, your camera will be

publicly displayed so that the committee members and the public will be

able to see you provide testimony. You must have your camera on and be

visible to the committee in order to testify.

3. To ensure that everyone has an opportunity to participate, public

testimony will be limited by the Chair. The Chair will inform all

participants at the start of the hearing the time limit that public

witnesses will have to provide testimony. Please plan your testimony


4. During and/or after your testimony, Senate members may ask you

questions, which will not count against your time to provide testimony.

5. After your testimony, you will be released from the videoconference

and may livestream the remainder of the hearing at


Written Comments:

Any member of the public may submit written comments and attachments to

the committee at any time throughout the legislative redistricting

process. To submit written comments and attachments via the public-input

portal, please visit the committee’s website at

https://senate.texas.gov/cmte.php?c=625. All comments and attachments

received via the public-input portal are shared with all committee members

and maintained in the committee’s official records.


The livestream of the regional hearing is available here:


Video Archive:

Within a few days after conclusion of the regional hearing, a video

archive of the hearing will be available at the following link:




March 11
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

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