Gerrymandering won’t fix itself!

We cannot depend on the courts to fix it.

Texans Against Gerrymandering (TAG) is solely focused on the problem of gerrymandering in Texas.

“Currently, districts in most states are drawn in ways that are gerrymandered …” Read more.

Since the passage of the Voting Rights Act (1965), Texas has been in court for violations of those rights. And without fail every decade, legislators have drawn gerrymandered maps to ensure their reelection and keep their political party in power. And each time several of these gerrymandered maps have been challenged in the courts for violations.

Members of Texans Against Gerrymandering (TAG) are dedicated to ending gerrymandering. Will you help us reach more citizens throughout our state so that they too can advocate for Fair Maps and redistricting reform?

Your donation today will help support our ongoing work throughout the 2021 Texas Legislative session that begins on January 12, 2021.

Texans Against Gerrymandering (TAG) is a 501(C)3 nonpartisan nonprofit organization.​


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